Cracker Fillings

Cracker fillings with a conscious.

Each of our crackers comes filled with a beautiful silver pearlescent paper hat, the traditional bad joke and your choice of filling. Designed to bring your guests together at the table with a little fun and possibly competition, or even as a memento of the occasion. 

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Each box comes with six different instructions at varying levels of difficulty. With forest friendly, beautifully patterned origami paper.

Mini Seed Envelopes

Handmade from forest friendly, recycled paper and filled with seeds ready for you to plant! Pop in the recycling bin after use or reuse! Comes with instructions on how to plant your seeds, also printed on recycled paper. A lovely way for you and your guests to remember your special day. 

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Temporary Tattoos


Beautiful, contemporary tattoos from Rex London. Each cracker comes with one sheet of tattoos. Printed on paper with a protective  recyclable film over each sheet. We have a range of beautiful unicorns, cats and dogs, space rockets and llamas.

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Modelling Balloons


Each box contains six different instructions, an instruction sheet, six balloons and one mini balloon pump. Instructions include a dog, swords, helmet,  swan and flower. Unfortunately there are currently no plastic free alternatives to the balloon pump or balloons. BUT the pump is sturdy enough to reuse for the next party! If you’ve bought from us before or already have one please message us and we will leave it out of your box.

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Table Football


Create your own football field on the dinner table and play against each other by blowing the football through your homemade goals with straws. Includes a cork football, paper straws, metal whistle and instructions, printed on recycled paper.

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Origami and balloon modelling


Origami, mini seed envelopes and temporary tattoos.

Chocolate truffles


Available on request, minimum order required.

EMPTY or filled with your own gifts

If you would like to have your crackers filled with your own gifts or tokens you can post these to us to and we can fill them for you. If you would prefer to fill your own crackers at home we can accommodate this too. Discounted rates may apply based on your requirements. Please get in touch with your requirements.