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The Handmade Cracker Company

Traditional crackers with a contemporary twist.

Ellie began the business in 2016 with the love of creating something beautiful, individual and bringing people real joy.

Every cracker is uniquely illustrated or designed to make something really special for everyone; from the kids to the adults with an inner child, or the more serious customer. The gifts are a little more alternative than most and we focus on eco-friendly gifts and ones that can be a little fun at the table.


As a small British business we really value and support others and as many elements of our products as possible come from businesses like our own. We are also very eco-conscious and aware of our footprint. Every cracker is printed on beautiful, forest friendly cardstock and wherever possible our products are recyclable, reusable or even can be kept as a keepsake. 




Ellie, her partner Luke and their dog Indiana.

About: Our Story
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