Cracker Fillings

Cracker fillings with a conscious.

Each of our crackers come filled with a beautiful silver pearlescent paper hat, the traditional bad joke and your choice of filling. Designed to bring your guests together at the table with a little fun and possibly competition or even as a memento of the occasion. 

Origami and Instructions - a different set of instructions of varying difficulties in each cracker. *PF

Table football with straws - create your own football field on the dinner table and play against each other by blowing the football through the goals with straws. Includes football, straws, whistle and instructions.

Modelling Balloons - each box contains one mini balloon pump and different instructions in each cracker for you to make including a dog, swords, helmet, swan and flower.

Mini Envelopes of Seeds - mini envelopes containing Christmas Tree and Wildflower Seeds, a lovely way for you and your guests to remember your special day. *PF

Temporary Tattoos - each cracker contains a temporary tattoo sheet, sure to keep the kids occupied. We have a range of beautiful unicorns, cats and dogs, space rockets and llamas *R

Mixed - Balloon modelling and origami

Mixed - Origami, Mini Seed Envelopes, Chocolate Truffle and Temporary Tattoo.

*PF plastic free *C contains compostable material *R contains recyclable material